An ideal location for many retailers, the mall attracts consumers seeking the latest in fashion, tech, and other popular merchandise. On most afternoons, the corridors are flooded with people wearing trendy clothing and texting on their new smartphones.

And today was no different as Candace walked through the automatic doors. An avid connoisseur of sushi, skinny jeans, and wearable tech, Candace was on a mission to find her newest outfit.

As she stepped into the store, the sounds of pop rock filled the air, adding to the excitement of buying her new get-up — a mix-and-match of designer jeans, sneakers branded by a popular band, and a hooded jacket with built-in headphones. When she saw the outfit, it was just as she imagined — or, rather, just as she’d seen on the banner ad based on visits to one of the fashion blogs she frequents.